Are you often asked to recommend a faucet that prevents burns or improves hygiene? This guide can help.

The shower is a common source of injury due to sudden temperature changes and possible hot surfaces. HANSACARE thermostatic shower faucet is a safe choice.

The shower is a common source of injury due to sudden temperature changes and possible hot surfaces. Oras Care thermostatic shower faucet is a safe choice.


Avoiding burns and scalding 

Sudden water temperature changes are a common source of injury in the bathroom, and a key concern for schools, kindergartens, and households with small children and elderly people. Thermostats with a temperature lock function can add extra safety and prevent accidents caused by hot water.

Automatic temperature control

If cold water stops flowing, the thermostat automatically blocks the hot water output. An additional built-in hot water stop prevents the water temperature from exceeding 38 °C. Depending on the model of the faucet, the temperature is fixed during installation or can be bypassed when in use through a separate temperature booster button that activates higher temperatures.  

Anti-scalding surfaces 

Anti-scalding surfaces are an essential safety feature in a variety of environments, such as nursing homes, clinics, or the family bathroom. Thermostatic faucets with an ABS cover ensure that surfaces are always at a comfortable temperature to touch.

Featuring a protective chrome-plated ABS cover over a brass body, anti-scalding thermostats have a double housing design, which creates a thermal separation between the brass body and the cover.



An air gap between the different layers within the thermostat effectively prevents the surface from overheating.


Avoiding illness and hospital-acquired infection 

Hygiene is also a major safety concern, especially in hospitals and care homes. For customers looking for ultimate hygiene, consider the following features.

Laminar flow

Laminar flow ensures that no air enters the water stream. This minimises the risk of microbes formed in the pipes’ system from mixing with surrounding air when the faucet is used. 

Thermal hygiene flush

By undergoing mechanical thermal disinfection, faucets can be flushed with hot water to eliminate microbial growth inside the faucetDepending on a country’s regulation, thermostats and single-lever mixers are designed to resist local maximum temperatures to support thermal disinfection.

Automatic flushing

Automatic flushing features of modern Bluetooth-enabled installations, e.g., at a regular interval of 24-hours, minimise the risk of microbial growth. 

Pre-determined after-flow time

Pre-set features during installation help improve hygiene and manage water usage. Setting after-flow to enough seconds to flush the basin can help keep bacteria from surfaces.   

All of Oras' Bluetooth-operated faucets offer automatic flushing and the ability to set the maximum flow time and after-flow time.


Safety in use

Beyond temperature control and hygiene, some customers may be looking for anti-slip features or general ease of use.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic shapes with soft, gentle curveshaptic handles and clear labeling add extra safety. This guarantees that everyone, whether healthcare staff, small children or people with physical limitations, can use fixtures with ease.  

In care and elderly homes, easy-to-use hand showers for people with low vision and limited mobility further maximise safety and ease of use.

Our Clinica line of faucets offers a range of safety features to meet the needs of your customers. Use the table below to find the right washbasin or shower thermostat for your customer.


Our safety features at a glance

Every installation has different safety demands. To find the right thermostat that provides optimal safety and matches your project’s needs, our safety feature overview can help you find the right model.



Explore our Oras Clinica range

Explore our Oras Care range





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