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Touchless faucets are designed to simplify installation for professionals. However, to guarantee an optimal and hassle-free installation, there are a few crucial things to keep in mind. Read our list of dos and don’ts and make sure your next touchless faucet installation runs as smoothly as possible.

Touchless faucets are designed to simplify installation for professionals.

To reduce complexity touchless faucets use the same infrastructure, configurations and fixing parts as traditional faucets to make sure they can be installed just as easily as manual faucets.

But, as for any installation, there are always a few crucial things to pay attention to. Following this simple list of dos and don’ts of installing touchless faucets will help make your job quicker and hassle-free.



Flush the piping before installation

Always make sure to flush the pipes before installing your touchless faucet to avoid residue and other substances from entering the new installation system and ensure it runs without friction.

Especially in highly sensitive environments, such as hospitals, creating a clean and bacteria-free environment prior to your installation is key for guaranteeing optimal hygiene.

Centre the faucet

When installing the faucet, make sure you centre the faucet correctly. This means two things:

    1. Placing the faucet correctly in the installation hole: Not centring the faucet can result in gaps between the faucet and the hole. If the installation is not properly sealed, you may risk water drops running down the installation hole and, for example, entering the cabinet under the washbasin.
    2. Centring the faucet at the right angle to the basin: If the faucet is not installed at the right angle, the water jet may hit the ceramic unfavourably and cause splashing.

battery driven touchless faucet


For battery-operated faucets: Place the battery box upside down

When installing a battery-operated touchless faucet, make sure to turn the battery box upside down to avoid liquids from entering the box by accident.

Touchless faucet battery case

Make use of digital tools

Once installed, all touchless faucets run on pre-set settings and don’t require further adjustments. However, in case your customers have a specific request, they can quickly adjust the faucet’s settings on-site by using the Oras App. The App allows users to, for example, set automatic flushing intervals or adjust sensor sensitivity and after flow times.

Getting familiar with the App's functions can save valuable time and effort spent on maintenance and monitoring water use, especially in commercial buildings.

Learn more about the App’s features.



Get the sensor cable caught

Make sure to not get the sensor cable caught between the washbasin and countertop or the mounting nut and fixing plates.

Twist or bend the soft pex pipes on the faucets

If the connecting pipes are tightened too much or if the distance between the washbasin and angle coupling is too short, you may risk twisting or bending the soft pex pipes.

As it affects the inner pipes, it may risk closing the waterway and can eventually disturb regular temperature settings with the mixing handle. It may also damage the flexible pipe and cause leakages.

Squeeze the integrated non-return valve

Touchless faucets usually come with flexible pipes that can be fitted into tight spaces in case space is limited. However, when adjusting the position of the pipes, always make sure that you don’t squeeze the integrated non-return valve which lies in the inlet pipes of the touchless faucet.

Attaching the non-return valveOnce damaged, you may risk impeding the faucet’s safety features as the non-return valve is essential for preventing possible crossflow between hot and cold water when the faucet is operated.

Forget to share the important installation and user information

Always remember to hand important user information over to your customer after the installation is done.

It contains helpful guidance on how to operate the faucet correctly as well as an ‘important notes’ section with valuable cleaning and maintenance tips.

Forget to hand over the cleaning cap

Finally, don't forget to hand over the included cleaning cap to your customer. It allows users to block the sensor when cleaning the faucet and washbasin and is invaluable for ensuring an easy cleaning routine.

Note that you can also block the sensor during the cleaning procedure by using the Oras App.


Installing touchless faucets is not as hard as it seems. In fact, it can be as quick as installing a manual faucet. They come as both battery-operated and power-plug options and can be installed in various places, independent of a power source. As all models feature integrated installation systems, professionals can make use of innovative fixing parts and flexible installation keys, which makes installations an easy and quick procedure. Following the instruction manual step-by-step will help you get everything up and running the way it should.

How to choose the right touchless model for your next installation




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