ALESSI Swan by Oras kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet ALESSI Swan by Oras is the newest result of the collaboration between the Italian design company and Finnish manufacturer of advanced sanitary fittings. ALESSI Swan by Oras is designed by Mario Trimarchi, and is destined to be a design highlight of the year.

Mario Trimarchi is internationally renowned for his ability to transform traditional objects into surprising sculptures in the domestic landscape. With ALESSI Swan by Oras, Trimarchi has relied on organic forms ideally based on the elegance of the swan. The result is a sculptural faucet that shifts its appearance depending on the vantage point. ALESSI Swan by Oras places the accent on the consumption of water in a kitchen environment that takes on a central role in today’s residences.

Mario Trimarchi has worked for some time now on the reinvention of everyday useful objects thanks to a lateral shift based on the introduction of unexpected geometric forms that seem different from each angle, as happens in sculpture. This approach has led to very successful products, like the Ossidiana espresso coffeemaker (Compasso d’Oro award 2016) and the series of containers and centerpieces La Stanza dello Scirocco, both designed for Alessi.

"Today’s objects have to know how to make us smile, says designer Mario Trimarchi, "and at the same time make us question the meaning and mystery of the beauty of things around us."

With his usual soft touch, starting with fascinating preparatory drawings, Trimarchi has transformed an object of industrial production with very high standards of quality and performance into the story of a new relationship with one of the most common everyday gestures.

From a functional standpoint, ALESSI Swan by Oras represents a very advanced solution. The faucet provides maximum flow of 12 liters per minute, permitting perfect control of the use of water. The temperature control involves an LED display on the embossed lever, which lights up red when the water is hotter than 32°C.

A press pad that ensures flow of 5 liters per minute permits remote opening to facilitate the operation when the hands are otherwise occupied. The faucet is also available with a remote hand shower for washing cookware, which stops the flow automatically when it is replaced in its housing.



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