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There’s good news for those looking for a faucet that combines the best features and latest technology of modern touchless and manually operated faucets. The new generation of hybrid faucets offers a wide range of products featuring high quality and world-class design.

Touchless faucets are often selected for both public premises and private households when the aim is to find a faucet solution that is both more ecological and offers superior hygiene. Additionally, comfort and safety-of-use are factors that may be significant in choosing touchless faucets, especially in homes for the elderly and for families with kids.

With hybrids, the faucet’s thermostat adjusts the water so it remains at a safe and stable temperature, and the sensor turns off the faucet automatically after use.  Simply put, hybrid faucets are designed for consumers who are looking for a truly seamless operating and water-saving faucet solution in their home.

Two in one: Multifunctional hybrid faucet

Touchless faucets are best suited for use situations in which a stable water temperature, water conservation and safety are priorities. Manually operated faucets are still best when the water temperature needs to be changed – for example, to maximum – or a large basin needs to be filled.

A hybrid faucet offers a manually operated traditional faucet and a modern touchless faucet in the same unit. Their built-in sensor activates the touchless feature when hands are placed under the faucet, and the flow of water closes automatically after six seconds. Yet, whenever needed, the faucet can also be turned on using a traditional lever. Also, when required – for example during cleaning – the touchless feature can be switched off completely.   

Perfect for the kitchen

Hybrid faucets are the choice of a skilled home chefs because they make cooking and household tasks flow more easily and intuitively. With the touchless feature, one can clean their hands during cooking without soiling the tap. Switching to the manually operated lever is handy when, for example, there’s a need for cold drinking water or it’s time to rinse the dishes. 

Next generation’s design work

In many households today, interior design is a key issue and touches every facet of the home. Functionality and style are today’s focus in interior design – and Oras is a forerunner in both functionality and stylish design.

Oras products are not only functional but also represent beautiful, world-class design. Oras Signa, for example, is truly inspired by nature. Thanks to its beautiful 360° visual design, Signa offers a different look from every angle. An example of the Signa’s functionality is its 150° swivel spout, which enables wide use of the basin.

An example of a forerunner in functionality is Oras Optima. As with Oras Signa, the Optima product line offers a wide range of faucets – from kitchen to bathroom, and from traditional models to hybrid versions. Oras Optima’s smart kitchen faucet has an advanced display which shows the current water temperature and indicates if the water has become too hot. Water flow can be adjusted to remain stable, and the faucet also has traditional levers for cold and hot water as well as a safe electronic valve for connected dishwashers. As an extra safety measure the valve closes automatically after 4 or 12 hour washing time.



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