Showering is one of the main sources to water waste from private residents. Small changes to your daily routine you can save huge amounts of water, without compromising on personal hygiene. On the contrary, water efficiency is all about conscious consumption of resources and try and reduce unnecessary wastage. Still, most of us waste a lot more water than we need to.  In fact, you can save up to 22 thousand liters of water every year by implementing a few simple changes.

Here’s four easy ways to save water in the shower:

  1. Take shorter showers. Yes, the duration of the shower has a direct effect on water usage. An ordinary shower uses more than 12 liters of water per minute. In other words, if you reduce your daily shower from 10 minutes to 5, you'll cut your water consumption with 22 thousand liters every year. For a family of four this would save more than 87 thousand liters of water a year. That’s a lot!
  2. Turn water off while applying soap. A trick that would actually help you reduce the duration of the shower is to turn off the water while lathering and shampooing. This is completely wasted water, and should be quite easy to reduce.
  3. Change your habits. Do you tend to turn on the shower and leave the water running, waiting for it to heat up? Normally it would only take seconds before the water reaches your desired temperature, but many people still go and do other things while the water keeps running for minutes. Changing this bad habit could save you both water consumption and energy.
  4. Install an ECO shower in your home. There’s no doubt that showering is an important part of everyday life. Hence, making small changes to your routine will result in big differences when it comes to water consumption. One of the simplest ways to save both water and energy is to install an ECO-smart solution. Do you remember the old ECO-showers where water pressure felt like standing in drizzling rain? Well, the new generation are nothing like that! But they still saves loads of water. Whereas the standard hand shower uses an average of 12 liters/minute, an Oras Apollo Eco hand shower limits the water flow to only 7 liters/minute. That's 25 liters saved for every five minutes of showering.

Water is one of the most valuable resources we have, make sure you don't waste more than necessary. Read more tips on how to save water at home here.

We are proud of Oras being the Europe leading manufacturer of water saving touchless faucets– also for private homes! Check out our selection here!

For more information of Oras shower product range, check out our product selection. 


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